A downloadable game for Windows

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UPDATE JUNE 2018: https://michaelborrego.wordpress.com/2018/06/05/the-great-beyond-june-2018-patch...

The Great Beyond is a Management, Tower Defence, Real-Time Strategy game!

Build Quarters for your units to sleep, manage food production, hire soldiers to run your towers, and build defences to stop aliens from attacking your rocket!

Mine the terrain with simple digging tools for gold and gems. No need to gather building material, everything is spent with gold. This game comes with three levels and a tutorial level, but more will be added if the game becomes popular.

Install instructions

Please unzip the file, and click on The Great Beyond.exe to play! If running on a laptop, set low power mode off- although the game is not CPU intensive, it can slow down on a capped CPU.

Works best with a Mouse and Keyboard. Remember to click the "K" button in the top right corner of the screen for useful keyboard shortcuts!

It may ask for the .Net Framework to be installed first.


The Great Beyond June 2018.zip 24 MB